Travel Class Syllabus

The Magnificence of Florida’s State Preserves & Natural Sites plus US National Parks

Let’s go exploring to beautiful places, scenery and waterways through the sights and sounds of our natural surroundings.  Let’s throw in some historic content to see how these places and parks came into their existence.  Let’s dine in the tropics without leaving our own State.  Let’s hear the songs and poems that bring these places to life. We will examine the Cultural Backgrounds of ancient to modern groups who helped form the places of interest which we view. We’ll do it virtually through the classroom with the opportunity to take a few live field trips to some of the places firsthand. For a full Syllabus contact Lee Rosenkranz, CTC (Certified Travel Counselor) by e-mail at or through the web then hit School.   We’ll see you in September.

Eco-Tour Operators and Cruises

Florida Caverns

Wolf Preserve

Elephant Sanctuaries

The Center for Great Apes

Swimming with Dolphins

Manatee Festivals, Parks and Lookouts

Florida Black Bear

Florida Festivals-Azalea, Caladium, Strawberry, Blueberry, Art, Crafts and Wildlife

Wineries and the Wine Stomp

Stunning National Parks, Forests and Preserves

Book Lists

Poetry, Song and Story

Florida Culinary History

Canopy Covered Roads and Cruises





CLASS DESCRIPTION:   You may come from somewhere else,

You may only stay a few months,

However, You’re here now so let’s learn about what’s here to see, do and explore!

Lee Rosenkranz, CTC is a Certified Travel Counselor with expertise in the travel field and Florida.

Learn where the largest Diversity of Palm Trees are located.

Learn about a Florida town that feels like Greece.

Where is the largest and oldest Spanish restaurant in the Country?

Where is the largest public display of Frank LLoyd Wright architecture?

Where is the largest and most powerful and scenic Fresh Water Springs?

Where is the largest ocean reef in the US?

What are the Culinary Specialties and Restaurants of Florida?