The Springs of Florida

The Springs of Florida

This year our annual float trip will be to Ginnie Springs which is the most popular fresh water dive site in the World according to the “Springs of Florida” by Doug Stamm.  Jacques Cousteau described Ginnie Springs as “visibility forever“.  Our Tour stop lunch spot this year be the Great Outdoors Restaurant housed in a wonderful former Opera House and decorated in spectacular photos of the many surrounding springs and wildlife.  Link to the Great Outdoors Restaurant in High Springs, FL. The Restaurant is a four time Golden Spoon Winner.  High Springs is situated as a central point to the various nearby springs of the area.   The quaint town is reminiscent of old Florida with Live Oaks and antique and craft shops with pretty decor interspersed throughout the small town.   

Cave diving at the Springs

For the adventurous there is rope jumping into the soothing waters but not so soothing if you belly flop!

For us and this attractive couple it’s a leisurely float trip!

Our Group dining before we take the plunge later that afternoon!

The Great Outdoors Restaurant Fireplace!

The Great Outdoors Restaurant Opera House

The indoor Bar area of the Great Outdoors Restaurant in High Springs!

The menu is both creative and healthy at the Great Outdoors!

Therapy Dog makes it’s presence felt at the Restaurant