Itchetucknee Springs

If there’s anything that makes me feel like I’m back in College days mode it’s my annual trek down the Ichetucknee River. This year since I brought Doris, I opted for a giant raft which was almost boat like. It’s very comfortable but you lose the ability to steer and change directions. I ended up jumping in the water and steering it by swimming. The water temperature this year seemed very refreshing instead of freezing as it was the past couple of years. I’m guessing that the wind level must be a factor in why it felt so much more comfortable this year in the water. On route, I dropped into to an interesting herbal store with Natural products and foods called Mosswood that I had never noticed before. Towns like Micanopy, High Springs and Palatka were a joke to me during College but now I’m seeking out those throwback in time small towns. We had lunch in an outdoor café’ in Micanopy which was the backdrop for the Michael J Fox movie, Doc Hollywood years ago. The Obrisky’s book store has books both new and used in two rooms up to the ceiling and arguably the best Florida Book collection in the State. The Harn Museum at the U of F has a water in art exhibit that is fascinating along with an original Monet. The Museum of Natural History there is now the largest in the South and has a butterfly release on Saturdays with imports from Africa and South America surrounded by beautiful foliage in the Amazon Rainforest Butterfly exhibit. Mr. Hans Gourmet Chinese Restaurant is located directly across the street from my motel and has an impressive photo gallery of Bob Hope, George Burns, Billy Crystal and other performers that have played Gator Growl at one time or another. Note to Vick- I was wondering if this place was there way back when you wrote a skit for that annual event. And although Mr. Han himself no longer knows the difference between the Navy Grog or the special of the day he is still very charming as the host and greeter. Also, Floyd’s Diner and the Great Outdoors Trading Company and Cafe are worth checking out in High Springs.